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Tennis courts

Our ultra-modern courts are of the brand Rebound Ace with an elastic base for maximum comfort and playability. The base we use is one of a total of three ATP approved bases. Price lists is available here.

Tennis training

Linköpings Tennisakademi
Linköping Tennis Academy offers the following training:

  • Tennis School for children/teenagers
  • Adult courses
  • Private training

For more information contact Linköping Tennisakademi

Linköpings Tennis Club
For years, Linköping TK has been the largest and most successful tennis club in the region and one of the most successful tennis clubs in the country as a whole. The club has produced many world class players and 2002 the club was awarded with Marcus Wallenberg's trophy for best junior activities. Linköping TK offers junior training for beginners with both mini tennis, regular tennis and elite. LTK also conducts training for adults.

Call 013-121855 or  e-mail for applications and questions.

Linköpings Tennisklubb

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